Powder Coated Black Umbrella Bagger

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Stainless Steel Umbrella Bagger with Black Powder quotation are prepared for spring showers,rain and wet floors. it prevent on-site accidents and liability. Wet umbrella bag dispensers, and other umbrella-safety products designed to keep floors dry and tidy through the spring.

Wet Floor surface conditions are the leading factor in slip and fall accidents in commercial spaces, according to reports published by American insurance company CNA. This spring, keep floors dry even on rainy days. Prevent umbrellas from tracking messy and dangerous trails of water past the entryway of the facility. With umbrella bag stands and wrappers, rain water is effectively contained.

How it works. Position the umbrella bag dispenser in a conspicuous location at the entryway of the building on days when rain is expected. Guests encounter the umbrella wrapping unit when entering the building. Guests then insert umbrellas into the unit, and they are automatically wrapped with a disposable plastic bag. Rainwater is contained, and puddles are prevented.

In addition to safety, wet umbrella wrappers help facilities meet hygiene and customer experience enhancement goals, according to representatives at Umbrella Bagger.

Mold and mildew are two increasingly important health concerns, particularly during months of increased rainfall. Property owners must take care to keep moisture in check. In addition to providing floor mats to keep shoes from spreading rainwater, specialty products like umbrella wrappers are vital in preventing facility guests from tracking water through the entryway.

Umbrella baggers enhance customer experience as well. Forward-thinking businesses understand the power of first impressions, and helping guests to stow a wet umbrella is a simple way of showing appreciation for their safety and comfort.

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Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 50 x 42 x 85 cm